Welcome to the CET Tech Info Blog.  We hope to use this blog to bring you up to speed on various technologies related to CET and our audience. 

First a test is in order.

    The new ATSC standards adopted by the FCC will assure that both interlaced and progressive scanning can coexist in the 8VSB transmitted bit stream and as long as all the PIDS are present the video can be displayed on monitors with resolutions ranging from 480p/i to 1080i/p.

    If you completely understand the last sentence you will find little of interest in this blog.  You already know more than I do.  You can stop reading right now. On the other hand, if you feel that the sentence above might have just as well been written in some Klingon dialect, I think you will find the blog informative, helpful and entertaining.

    Recently Bill Gates proclaimed that this is the Digital Decade.  Who can disagree?  Hardly any facet of our daily life is untouched by some digital gizmo.  Cars that park themselves, maps that talk to you, cell phones that double as credit cards … all made possible because some machine is able to put “0s” and “1s” together. 

    Wading through the hype and “geek speak” can be intimidating and expensive.  Do I really need to upgrade now?  Will my TV still work in two years?   Unfortunately there are few places to turn for clear unbiased information and advice.  The “big box” stores have legions of staff ready, willing and able to tell you why you need a 1080p TV set rather than a 720i model.  The recommendation, of course, will have little to do with the fact that the 1080p set has a higher price tag and better mark up.

    We plan to cover the gamut. We will look at home entertainment systems and the latest in high definition TVs.  I’ll point you to good online web sites and give you a peek at what might be the next “must have” device.  I promise to keep the jargon to a minimum and also respect the fact that your intelligence should not be measured by your ability to understand everything your pocket-protector-clad know-it-all next door neighbor might utter.

    We want your questions and comments. 

  Jack Dominic

Executive VP & COO


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