Lip Synch Problems

    Among the undesired byproducts of digital TV are the increased incidents of lip synch problems.  It is very disturbing to watch someone speaking on camera when the audio slightly ahead or behind the movement of the person’s lips.  I won’t go into the myriad reasons that this is more prevalent with digital technology. Suffice it to say it is.

    Over the past few days we know that some of you have experienced lip synch problems watching “The War” in HD.  We are sorry for this but there was little we could do since the problem was encoded at PBS. 

    Problems can be caused by several different factors.  Some, like the PBS issue with “The War,” can’t be solved locally by CET technicians.  If the problem does happen here in Cincinnati we try to address it by rebooting our systems or changing other settings.

    Sometime the problem can actually be in your TV or Set Top Box.  At home I have noticed that if I leave my Time Warner Digital Set Top Box “on” and only turn off the TV, when I come back to watch a few hours later, the lip synch can be way off.  If I turn “off” the Set Top Box for a few seconds, when I turn it back on, the problem goes away.  You might try that fix if you experience lip synch problems in the future.

    Today’s digital TV systems here at CET are increasingly complex and the technology changes constantly.  Our highly skilled engineering and operations staff work hard to make your viewing a pleasurable experience.  Most often we are successful, sometimes we fail.

    If you have problems with this or any of the CET services, let me know.  By sharing the problem and hopefully the answer here on this blog we can help each other.


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