Getting CET “Create” Channel

Please tell me how to get CET – Create on any one of my 9 analog TV’s.  We have Time Warner Cable service with 4 Digital boxes and 5 wired direct.  However, the last T/W technician that was here told me we weren’t really getting digital service since our neighborhood is an old Adelphia area and doesn’t have any fiber optic cable yet.  T/W said they can swap out my current digital box for an HD box but that the HD box will only work with an HD TV.  Is that true?  They also say that WCET HD is on channel 706.  I don’t want to buy an HD TV at this time, so is there a solution?  Thanks in advance……. FYI, I live in the northern most part of Ross Township in Butler county directly west of downtown Hamilton & south of SR 129 in Indian Creek Trail subdivision.  It was an Adelphia neighborhood until about a year ago. 

     In the Cincinnati area, including your area, CET HD is on 948 (in the Dayton Area it is on 748.)   Create is on Channel 949 on Time Warner Digital Cable.  Nowhere in this area, to my knowledge, is it carried on 706.  I might be wrong, since with the Adelphia sale to Time Warner some line ups have changed.  I will look into it.

     I am puzzled why your cable technician indicated that an HD set top box will solve the problem.  It will not.  The HD box can’t get Create if indeed the system in your neighborhood is not upgraded to Time Warner Digital Cable with all the 900 series channels.  In fact, while Create is a digital channel,  is not an HD service.

     Buying an HD set will not solve the problem since Create is not broadcast over-the-air.  Currently the only way for you to get Create from CET is to get Time Warner Digital Cable with the 900 series of channels activated.       If you do get an HD set and choose to use an antenna for over-the-air reception, you will be able to get CET HD and CET World.


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