CET HD using DirectTv or DISH Network

CET viewers have called to ask why they can not get CET HD as part of the local channel line up on Direct TV™ or the Dish Network™

The two satellite services handle local High Definition channels differently. 

Direct TV does not offer CET HD or any other public station’s HD service in the Cincinnati Market.  Customers should contact them directly and ask for the service.  If enough paying customers ask, they may reconsider.  It is worth a try.

The Dish Network does not offer ANY local HD channels using satellite transmission. Instead they will provide you with an outside TV antenna that connects to the satellite box and receives CET HD and other local HD stations off the air.  Of course if you have an HD set you don’t need either Direct TV or the Dish Network to receive any local signal off the air.

If these services should change, I’ll post the changes here.


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