I Can’t Hear You!

I had a call on my voice mail yesterday from a women who was very upset with CET. Of course she did not leave a call back number.  Her complaint was that she experiences loss of audio on some the programs she is watching on CET.  Naturally she thinks that this is CET’s problem.  Actually the problem is in her set. 

Many new TV sets have multiple audio channels.  One of these channels is called the SAP (Special Audio Program) channel and can be used for Spanish language or Descriptive Video for the blind.  Most people don’t know that they have this feature.  And normally this should be turned off on your TV.  If it is left on, there may be times when there is no audio recorded on that channel and the result is that you will hear no audio at all.  This is what is happening to the lady who called me.


3 Responses to “I Can’t Hear You!”

  1. Steve Says:

    I thought when WCET started simulcating the analog signal on the main digital channel that existing HD shows would still be shown in HD. This morning I saw Motor week which is available in HD on other PBS stations shown with “barn door” black bars on all 4 sides of the picture. The signal was sent out 4:3 and then letterboxed.

  2. jdominic Says:

    You are right. “Motor Week” is available in HD but the HD version is not available to CET until Saturday @ 4:30PM. The standard definition version of the program is fed to CET on Friday Afternoons. Since we air “Motor Week” each Saturday at 8:30 AM we would have to record the HD version and then play it back the following Saturday morning. This would result in a one week delay for each of the programs in the series. The national listings etc. would be wrong.

    In February 2009, most of these anomalies should go away.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Why is “Motor Week” broadcast in HD? « Says:

    […] Why is “Motor Week” broadcast in HD? Steve wrote: February 2, 2008 at 3:36 pm    […]

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