DTV Set Top Box Demo

CET now has on display in our Central Parkway lobby a DTV Converter Set Top Box.  If you have occasion to visit the station, take a look at how it operates.  This is a Zenith/LG model and is very representative of the other models that will be arriving in stores shortly.  So far I have found no local retailers who have any for sale.  That should change soon.  I will make a note here when and where they are available.

I plan to review the various models and features on this blog so you can make a wise investment. As always, you can ask questions by emailing me at or by using our tech hotline (513) 345-6512

You may wish to request your DTV rebate coupons. This can be done on line or by phone.

Call  (888-388-2009) or go to the DTV information website


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