Using a VCR to record Digital Channels

I’m confused. Does (can) my VCR change the signal from Analog to digital now and if so, can I use the VCR instead of buying the converter?
I’ve noticed that when I go thru the VCR the channel that’s broadcasting in digital allows the TV to have additional information at the bottom of the screen (program name) does this indicate it is receiving the digital signal?
Apart from the clarity of the picture, is there any other way to know if I’m recieving a digital signal to my TV?

Thanks to anyone who can answer.

I know of no VCR now on the market that has a digital tuner built in.  There was one model that was manufactured by Panasonic in the mid 90’s that connected to a Panasonic ATSC tuner and actually recorded HD. We have one here at CET.

If you want to record the digital over the air channels using your analog VCR you will need to use a DTV Converter to tune in the digital channels and connect the DTV Converter to the VCR using either the “antenna out” or “AV cables (yellow, red white).”  If you have cable you need to do nothing different from what you do now. 

Remember that in no case will the recordings be in HD.

I hope that helps.




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