Battery Powered Digital TV Converter?

I have a 12 volt TV/DVD player with a large antennae my wife and I use at our property in Osgood, Indiana.  Since we don’t have electricity (its where we go to get away), but like to get the weather and news occasionally, the 12 volt TV works well for us.  Does the converter require 120 volts?   I suppose it does, but are 12 volt ones available?  We may be losing our TV out at Laughery Creek if we have to come up with the higher voltage.


            Will there be a 12 volt HD TV available?  I hate to go that route, but the world changes in many ways and I’m not in charge.  I hope I haven’t used up my question allotment.  Thanks for the info, I do enjoy your article.



Thanks for the good questions.  I have not seen any converter on the market that runs on 12v DC.  Since the converters do not consume a great deal of energy you could use a car battery and purchase an inexpensive DC to AC power inverter to power it.  The Zenith model we have here at CET uses only 7 watts of power @ 120 volts so a charged up 12 volt car battery would run it for many hours and most likely power it for a weekend or more. 


I have not seen any DC powered Digital sets that I would recommend yet.  The few that are out there are way over priced but I am sure lower priced models will be available soon.


Some people who have radios that have the TV band will also loose that feature in Feb.2009.  I use mine to listen to the audio form the TV while I am doing dishes or working in the garage.  That will no longer work since it picks up the analog signals only.


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