Do I Need a NEW Antenna for DTV?

I got a question the other day from a reader who was going to purchase a new Digital TV.  He asked if he should first replace his outdoor antenna and antenna cable.   I suggested that he wait and see how the existing antenna works.  If he is getting good reception now, there is a very good chance that his new TV will too with no changes required. In that case “let sleeping dogs…”


Remember, there is no such thing as a DTV antenna or an HDTV antenna.   There are antennas that are more sensitive and some are manufactured to be sturdier.  All things being equal, the only difference between a good indoor or outdoor antenna that you bought five years ago for your analog TV set and the antennas in the stores right now is the label on the box.  Oh yes…and the price.  I guess the letters “HDTV” are more expensive to print.

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