Don’t wait to connect your DTV converter.

I’ve had several questions about “when” to connect your DTV converter. All of the local full power stations are already broadcasting with digital signals. Most have added multicast channels that can be received using a DTV converter or new DTV TV set. There is no reason to wait to connect your DTV converter.

Do it now and when you tune to CET you will not only get your favorite programs that you have been watching on good old CH 48, you will get CET World, a channel that features repeats of your favorite PBS programs and some programs that we have, in the past, not broadcast locally. The other local stations have other services on their multicast channels such a continuous weather updates.

It is also a good idea to connect your DTV converter now so you can see if you will need to modify your antenna or add a new one. Better to do it now than at 6 AM on Wednesday morning, February 18, 2009. It might be a bit cold to go up on the roof!


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