More Converter Questions

I have several questions about converter boxes after looking at their specification information on-line.
1) Some boxes say they have SDTV-Tuner – 480i. If a box just says SDTV-Tuner without the 480i does it have less resolution? That is, is a box that designates “480i” better than those that don’t mention it (or e.g. are they all 480i) ? 
It is Hype….your analog TV can only display standard definition, i.e. 480.  All DTV converters are the same in this respect. There are DTV TUNERS for use with HD monitors that output different resolutions.  That is an entirely different thing
2) One model says under Video Processing: “MPEG-2 Video Decoding”. What does that mean? Is it considered desirable- is it something other models have and don’t mention? Or if other models don’t have it, what do they have instead? 
Again. All are the same.  They all do MPEG.
3) I live in Hyde Park. Is there any reason to have analog pass-through? Will there be any broadcasts in my area that I would need that for?
A pass through box will allow you to continue to get the Low Power stations CH 25 and 38.  If you are now a viewer of those channels get a Pass through so the analog signals will continue to be receivable.  The Low Power Stations are not converting  to digital in Feb 2009
4) Would a smart antennae be useful in my area? 
Not sure what a smart Antenna is….You do need a UHF/VHF antenna (either indoor set-top or outdoor) since the DTV signals are in both bands 
4) A friend lives between Amelia and East Fork State Park. Is that an area where analog pass-through would be beneficial? 
See above…has nothing to do with location 
5) Would a smart antennae be useful in the East Fork State Park area? 
see above 
Thank you in advance.
Margaret from Hyde Park 

2 Responses to “More Converter Questions”

  1. Steve Says:

    Smart antenna’s, in conjunction with a tuner box that supports it, are supposedly able to electronically adjust their gain pattern to minimize the condition where the signal is coming from several directions at once and confuses the box. (multipath) I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure how well it works.

  2. jdominic Says:


    I am aware of these antennas. We tried one here a few years ago with marginal success. I was not familiar with the name. Thanks for sharing.

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