DTV Questions Answered Live On CET Wednesday Evening

If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area you can tune in tomorrow, Wednesday evening for a special program on CET TV called “DTV, Ask US.”  It is your chance to ask questions and get some good unbiased information about the digital transition. 


So if you are wondering about getting a new set or what type of DTV converter works best, tune in.


We will have a phone bank of experts and I will be joined live in the studio by Neal Schmidt. Neal heads up CET’s Engineering Department.  He and his colleagues have a wealth of good information.


I promise that we will give good advice and information you can use and we will do it in simple non-technical language.


That is Wednesday, June 18 from 8:00 – 8:30 PM on CET.  If you miss it, you can watch it on demand at beginning Thursday morning.  Tell a neighbor.

Phones will be open beginning at 6:00 PM for your calls to 800-808-0445.  Note this number is only good from 6 to 9 PM.  You can use 513-345-6512 any other time for your technical questions.


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